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Bathroom Renovations

Just Got Quicker

If you are seeking to remodel your bathroom with a short time frame but high expectations, you’ve found the right place! At Quality Craftsmen we pride attention to detail as we strive to make your dream bathroom a reality.

Quality Craftsmen offers a 5 Year Warranty on all workmanship, recycles and reuses as much material as possible, uses green products, and donates any operable appliances and/or equipment to local charities.

Why Choose Us

Whether you’re looking for a complete bathroom remodel or just updating your current fixtures, our Quality Craftsmen Interiors team can come with a solution that suits your style, space requirements, and most importantly your budget.


From contemporary to traditional, Quality Craftsmen specializes in custom tile and stone work for your shower or bathroom flooring. Attention to detail is critical, and we take great pride in a quality finished product. Let our 25+ years of experience go to work for you.


Designed With Intention

Built With Experience


With our design-build project infrastructure, the homeowner doesn’t have the problem where different contractors are selected based on lowest bids. The potential bidding war between contractors can be an unfortunate scenario which can allow each bidder in the process to concentrate on their own interests, instead of that of the owner. Our quality workmanship has earned us a reputation as one of Georgia’s premier contractors. We guarantee no short cuts, finest construction methods, quality material, no surprises, no disappointment. If you can dream it, Quality Craftsmen can build it.

Our Remodeling Approach

Safe for Everyone


We feel that your family, pets and possessions shouldn’t have to suffer from dust. For optimal control, we use the BuildClean Dust Control System to eliminate 90% of airborne dust.

We strive to provide a healthy, clean environment in order to minimize the stress of a remodeling project.
Quality Craftsmen is different from the typical home remodeler. We will work tirelessly to keep you as comfortable throughout the project, while giving you the exceptional experience you deserve.

We Offer Solutions That

1. Fit your style and represent your ideas;

2. Utilizes your space requirements;

3. Are possible to achieve within your budget.




If you can dream it, Quality Craftsmen can build it.

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