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Window Renovations

At Quality Craftsmen, we can help make your dream window frame a reality. We incorporate proper universal design into every project. It’s important that your windows be beautiful, luxurious & safe. We can design an incredible window frame you can enjoy for years to come.

Custom Solutions

Our professional team can come with a solution that suits your style, space requirements, and most importantly your budget. Let our 25+ years of remodeling experience go to work for you.

What problems are you experiencing?

Rotting Wood

Painting Flake


Shattered Glass

Sticky / Hard to Open

What are the Solutions?



Traditional Appearance

Can be Painted or Stained

Durable and Long – Lasting

Energy Efficient



Burns in a fire

Can splinter or rot over time

More expensive

Harder to Install

Will not Enhance Security of the Home




Protects your Home

Different Sizes & Styles

Environmentally Friendly

Can Improve Insulation


Allows Heat to Penetrate

Can be Expensive

Condensation Leads to Corrosion

Cannot be Paid



Thinner Frames with More Glass

Energy & Noise Control

Lasts up to 50 years


Very Expensive

Not as Readily Available

Difficult to Install

Will Require Painting Periodically

Fades in Sunlight



Low – Maintenance

Less Expensive

Will not Splinter or Rot

Easier to Install

Energy – Efficient


Not as Many Color Options


Less Expensive

Less down time

Rating: We are one of the top 10 highest ROI’s on home projects according to remodeling magazine’s cost VS Value Report

Remodeling: $15,995 is the 2018 Miami average cost to Replace 10 exiting 3×5 foot double hung windows with insulated, low – E simulated divide light vinyl windows with custom color exterior finish.

ROI 74.3%

Window Replacement Styles

– Double Hung
– Geo Hung
– Double Slider
– End Vent Slider
– Geometric
– Casement

– Picture
– Awning
– Hopper
– Garden
– Bay
– Bow

Universal Features

Comfort Select 28

Triple Silver Hi-Performance
Glass Package / STANDARD
12 Layers / One surface
AR Gas Filled 90-95%
Seasonal Comfort / Lower Energy Cost
Energy Star Most Products (S, SC, NC)
Combo 4th Surface EP (N)

Hi-Performance System

Reflects Outdoor Temperatures

Spacer System

Insulated Glass / Spacer System

Insulated Glazing Tower

Warm Edge Spacer System

Thermal and Structural

No Direct “Energy Bridging”

3 Key Components to the System

Tin Plated Steel / U Channel

Thermo Plastic Hot Melt Butyl

Gasketed Pop Rivet / NO Screw

Desiccated Matrix Interior

  • 4 Point Fusion Welded Frame & Sash
  • Multi-Chambered Frame/Sash
  • Step Down Jamb
  • Sash-Lok / Sloped Sill
  • Moisture Management
  • Inter-Locking Meeting Rails
  • Composite Locking System
  • Equal Glass Site Lines (Impact)
  • EZ-Glide Balance System
  • Tru-Sash Pivot Bar
  • Color Matched Weather Stripping
  • Extruded Screens
  • Standard Grids would be Contoured (when added)

5400 Series

Double Hung

  • Full Product Style Offering
  • Geo Hungs (SH)
  • Color Matched Weather Stripping
  • Composite Locks
  • Extruded Screen
  • High Performance LowE/Argon
  • White – Tan – Clay
  • Painted Bronze / Brown Exterior

7700 Series

Double Hung

  • Interior “Matte” Step Down
  • “Soft Edge” Sash Frame
  • Shadow Groove Sash Welds
  • Dual Vent Latch
  • High Performance Low E/Argon
  • Double Strength Glass
  • Contoured Grids
  • E-Z Glide Balance System
  • Triple Pane Glass Options
  • Lami Glass (Safety, Sound, Security)
  • 5 Interior Woodgrain Finishes
  • 5 Exterior Painted Colors
  • Simulated Divided Lines Grid Options
  • Decorative Hardware

500 / 400

  • SH, DH, PW, SL, EV, Geo, Geo Hung
  • Beveled Exterior
  • Extruded Screen Frame (SH roll formed)
  • ½” EZ-Glide Balance System
  • Single Strength Glass
  • White – Tan – Clay
  • Painted Bronze / Brown Exterior*

Integral Fin / J