Four New 2021 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Four New 2021 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Quite a bit has changed over the last year and a half. More people stayed at home and remodeled all their rooms – including the bathroom. Rising material costs may have affected some decisions, but it didn’t stop people from making renovations.

1. Design Trends

Nothing illustrates the time we’ve spent at home like some of these 2021 design trends. You can just tell that people had more time to think about home improvements during this period.

  • Deep-soaking tubs — For some people, a deep-soaking tub helped them endure the stress of being cooped up at home all day. Bathing basins increased in size this year.
  • Tropical décor — This may work hand in hand with relaxing in a tub and envisioning a beach far, far away from the bathroom walls once travel is allowed again.
  • Cheerful wall colors — This might include white or other pastels with subtle paneling added for textures. Others may have wave or other relaxing, blue-colored wallpaper.
  • Wall-mounted vanities — This provides space underneath while still low enough for sink reach. It also has an attached mirror.

2. Technology

It’s like homeowners thought of everything while staying at their houses. Just take a look at these creative technology solutions.

  • Bidets — This year, many homeowners opted for this, especially after the toilet paper hoarding started in 2020. An increased number of people now have cleaner bottoms.
  • Hands-free smart toilets — Any opportunity not to touch bathroom fixtures has become pretty important recently, and having a hands-free toilet provides that. 2021 introduced smart toilets that make no-contact flushing easy in your own home.
  • Back-lit mirrors and de-foggers — Some mirror backlights allow users to save on electricity because they double as a night light. They also provide a “cool” visual effect. It’s as if the mirror floats. The de-fogger is one way to avoid steaming up the mirrors after a hot shower.
  • USB charging ports — People not only needed more places to charge their mobile devices for personal use but also to have continual access to smart technology.

Different shades of pink seem to “pop up” everywhere in 2021.

3. Pops Of Color

Different shades of pink seem to “pop up” everywhere in 2021. Sometimes, it’s in contrasting bright and dark rug patterns. Other times, it’s light pink sinks, vanities or toilets against white walls. Other color pops include bright pink against bright green, and you can incorporate this in a variety of ways.

More people with aging eyes or anyone with a sight impairment appreciate the contrast. It doesn’t have to be pink, however. Orange, blue, yellow or other bright shades against light colors could work. Even bright against dark works too.

4. Lighting Trends

Gold seems to please the eyes right now for bathroom lighting fixtures. The swinging lamp also seems to be a hit. Soft, natural lighting also provides relaxation, especially when taking a warm bath. Lighted mirrors, chandeliers and more with varying light settings provide both regular and night lights.

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