Four Common Mistakes When Upgrading Your Kitchen

Four Common Mistakes When Upgrading Your Kitchen

Upgrading or remodeling your kitchen is an exciting home improvement project and one that can make a world of difference regarding functionality and enjoyment of the new space. However, there are several common mistakes that homeowners make when tackling this type of project. The team at Quality Craftsmen would like to offer the following tips to help homeowners avoid some of the more common mistakes when tackling a kitchen update.

1. Choosing Trends Over Classics

Most homeowners want their kitchen overhaul or upgrade to last for many years to come. This is a significant investment, and the outcome should be a source of joy for a long time after the dust has settled. By selecting classic fixtures, colors and design elements, homeowners can be assured that their dream kitchen will still feel like a dream five or more years down the line. Avoid selecting permanent or expensive fixtures that are more trendy than classic. You can always add a personal or splashy touch with accessories and inexpensive features, but let the big ticket items take on a more classic appeal.

2. Not Paying Attention to Workflow

Most homeowners need their kitchen not only to look great but to function efficiently. Be sure to take the time to plan the space with an eye toward function; an excellent place to begin is being able to access the cooking surfaces, sink and refrigerator easily, but also consider cabinet placement. Having the right sized cabinets to hold pots and pans near the stove is important, as is having pantry space that is easily accessible. Plan to store items that are rarely used in cabinets and drawers that are out of the primary work zone in your kitchen.

A common mistake is falling in love with a particular light fixture while ignoring the fact that it is unable to provide the right level of illumination.

3. Overlooking Lighting

The importance of proper lighting in the kitchen cannot be overstated. Unless the main work areas are properly illuminated, frustrations will rise, and the space will not be utilized to the fullest extent. A common mistake is falling in love with a particular light fixture while ignoring the fact that it is unable to provide the right level of illumination. Lighting placement is another issue, and homeowners must take care that there are fixtures installed that will provide light where needed, such as over the cooking surface, in prep areas and on any central island or serving areas.

4. Trying to DIY the Entire Project

Most people are good a quite a few things, but no one is an expert in all areas. When it comes to a kitchen overhaul, be sure to take a realistic approach when it comes to doing part of the work yourself. There are always areas of a project where you can cut costs by tackling a job on your own, but know when to call in the pros. For example, many people are confident in their ability to paint the walls of their newly overhauled kitchen but choose to leave wiring and plumbing projects to the professionals. Trying to bite off more than you can chew may end up costing much more overall.

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