Just Say No to These Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Just Say No to These Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Kitchen remodeling never goes out of style. Certain trends, however, do. Refreshing the heart of the home makes meal preparation a more pleasant task for those who aren’t as inclined to cook as others. For those who love to cook, the update is a genuine delight. Plus, if done well, it will add to the resale value of your house. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, take note of the trends you should be avoiding.

Things to Stay Away From

Microwaves Over the Range: The problems with placing (or replacing) your microwave over the range are manifold. First, it’s way too high if you’re going to have any head clearance over the stove. Second, the heat from the range can make access a dangerous proposition. Third, cleaning it will require a step stool and create all of the possibilities for a fall. Find a better place to do the nuking.

Tiled Countertops: The easy care of ceramic tiles can be seductive. The potential for unique patterns boggles the mind. But remember that grout gets dirty. It’s best to back away from the idea of tiled counters and go with something more friendly in a busy kitchen.

Distressed Wood Look: No, no and a thousand times no. The trend for distressed wood in a modern kitchen passed long ago and should stay gone. As a peculiar and acquired taste, this trend may hinder any attempt to sell the house.

Those are three trends that we’re happy to see have been kicked to the curb. But you would do well to stay away from these common mistakes during your kitchen renovation, as well.

The problems with placing (or replacing) your microwave over the range are manifold. First, t's way too high if you're going to have any head clearance over the stove, and the heat off the range can make access a dangerous proposition.

Short Counters: Most developers aim to keep costs as low as possible. One way to do that is to install cabinets and counters that fail to rise to the comfort level of the average-sized adult. This leads to back strain and an aversion to cooking for the family. When designing a new kitchen, you should plan for taller, more comfortable work surfaces.

Misplaced Appliances: Maybe the refrigerator would look awesome at the far end of a long run of cabinets, but will you have to wear hiking boots just to cook? Because they are dance partners while cooking, you definitely need to keep your sink, stove, fridge, dishwasher and microwave all within a reasonable distance from each other.

Things You Definitely Should Do

Engineered Stone: Granite and natural stones are unquestionably beautiful and worthy to be candidates for your countertops. However, engineered stones, such as quartz, have all the beauty with none of the maintenance requirements. Made from ground stone and resin, they resist staining and never need to be sealed.

Multiple Smaller Refrigerators: If the only space for the fridge feels like it’s in the next zip code, try multiple, high-quality small units that fit under the counter. These can be placed where their contents are most needed, such as near the stove or in the island. You can use the refrigerator space for a utility closet, a wine rack with cooler, a glass enclosed china cabinet or anything that needn’t be accessed much during meal preparation.

Island: If you don’t have a galley kitchen, you should absolutely have an island. They make any unused floor space pay for itself in convenience, no matter how large or small. Ideally, an island separates the kitchen from the dining area and even provides seating for quick meals.

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Pull-out Shelves: Easy access to pots and pans, pantry items or anything you store below the counter must be contemplated for a kitchen remodel. What you save in time and sanity makes up for the small extra cost.

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