Home Remodeling Nightmare: ‘Help, I’m Stuck!’

Last year, Quality Craftsmen received an urgent phone call from a concerned homeowner, “You won’t believe this; I’m locked in my room, and I can’t get out. I need help right now!”

She had hired a painter to complete a drywall project, and it quickly turned south. The painter wasn’t qualified for the job, and the dust flying throughout the home triggered her asthma to the point where she couldn’t breathe properly.

When we walked into her home, it became very clear why she locked herself in her bedroom.

In her living room, the hired painter was using an orbital power sander on recently mudded drywall. No dust control system. No plastic barrier to contain the dust from spreading. There was a cloud so thick, not only was there difficulty seeing through it, you certainly couldn’t breathe it.

For any sanding project, the process will always create dust, but using a power sander increases the amount of particles released into the air! Respiratory distress can occur if measures aren’t taken to limit dust travel and inhalation.

The Quality Solution

If you aren’t careful, drywall dust can drift throughout the house and form a white film on everything in its path. Palm sanders might cut time in the sanding process, but they also spread dust at a much quicker rate. Any time saved using a palm sander will be put into the cleaning process.

Dust is a huge concern in most remodels. When hiring a general contractor, you want to be sure their dust control and cleanup process are in line with your needs.

You’re going to invest considerable time, inconvenience, and money and you will have to live with the post-project mess or inferior quality for a long time if you don’t hire a contractor who makes cleanup and quality a priority.

At Quality Craftsmen, we handle dust containment by starting with plastic drop barriers used to seal doorways and limit dust travel. That means our crews will only use one designated entrance/exit point while working.

We always work outside when we can, and use protective covering over furniture, floors, and air vents.

For work that must be done inside, we employ the BuildClean Dust Control System to eliminate 90% of airborne dust. This eliminates almost all of the dust that’s left behind and makes any remaining layer of dust easy to clean up with a post-construction cleanup process.

Quality Craftsmen is different from the typical home remodeler. With over 25 years of experience working with families in the North Atlanta area, we work tirelessly to keep you as comfortable throughout the project while giving you the exceptional experience you deserve.

Professional post construction cleaning is important and a major part of the quality control process at Quality Craftsmen.

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