3 Reasons to Get a Screened-In Deck for North Atlanta Summers

Ask yourself this simple question: Do I utilize my deck to its fullest potential? Unfortunately, enjoying the outdoor space afforded to homeowners is limited by a lot of factors beyond their control.

In the middle of an Atlanta summer, spending too much time on your deck without sunscreen or bug repellent can be bad for your health, and even on a perfectly clear day, the humidity might drive you back in-doors.

Converting your deck into a screened-in porch gives you far more versatility and usable space when it comes to enjoying your backyard quality and family time. After all, who doesn’t love the great outdoors with a little shade, breeze, and no bugs?

Converting allows you to:

  1. Keep bugs from ruining your outdoor activities.
  2. Help protect your deck and you from the elements.
  3. Provide a covered outdoor play area for your children.
  4. Have a safe and secure outdoor space.

While you may want to continue buying industrial-sized bug spray canisters or expensive citronella candles in preparation for grilling outside, here are 3 reasons to reconsider screening in your porch just in time for summer.

An enclosed deck is the perfect environment for children to play in.1. Say, ‘Bye-Bye!’ to Bugs

With the return of the warmer weather, the flies and mosquitoes have, unfortunately, reappeared. Having a summer cook-out becomes not only a nuisance with dozens of insects buzzing around you, but a potential health risk.

With the news of disease-spreading mosquitoes constantly in the news these days, it’s important that all members of your family are protected from these small, potentially dangerous insects.

With a screened-in porch or screened-in grilling deck, you’ll be able to freely grill hamburgers and hotdogs without an invasion from an army of insects.

2. Element Protection

In addition to protecting you from bugs, a sturdy screen acts as shield from the elements. Weather is often unpredictable, and an open deck doesn’t offer much in the way of wind, sun, or rain protection. Vulnerable decks also face the threat of wood instability caused by water damage, termites, rotted wood railings, or deterioration of flashing. Don’t limit the use of your deck to only when everything is ‘just right’ outside.

Additionally, you can fight the summer heat with a decorative but efficient outdoor ceiling fan installed in your screened-in porch.

Get a Screened-In Deck for North Atlanta Summers3. Safe Play Area

Rain or shine, an enclosed deck is the perfect environment for children to play in! With the proper screen in place, your deck can provide additional security to your home that is safe and secure. You also never have to worry about outdoor dangers such as poisonous plant life or playground equipment with hot surfaces.

Building a pillow fort inside your screened-in deck is just one example of a fun rainy day alternative to watching T.V.

A screened porch is essentially an extension of your home, and you can make it as extravagant or as simple as you’d like. However, a screened-in porch isn’t a DIY job and should only be taken on by a professional remodeler that not only knows your area, but performs quality work that will enhance your quality of life and improve home equity.

If you’re considering replacing, updating, or building a screened-in porch for your North Atlanta home, contact Quality Craftsmen today to inquire about a deck renovation. Or call (404) 483-07446.

We will skillfully transform your deck into a safe, beautiful area for your family to enjoy. Completing a screened-in deck project now will benefit you all summer so that you can finally take advantage of all your deck’s potential!

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