Home Remodeling for Special Needs Children

Professional remodelers and contractors know how to incorporate style, form, and function when improving a room to meet the needs of a family’s day-to-day lifestyle.

Some individuals and families with disabilities have very specific needs that need to be addressed through a remodel.

This was the case for one of Quality Craftsmen’s recent customers in Alpharetta. The family underwent a special renovation to accommodate the needs of their autistic daughter and two boys with tempers from Asperger’s syndrome.

The challenge for Quality Craftsmen’s design team was to recreate several spaces throughout the house while considering the needs of everyone using it.

We started by putting up a lot of plywood wall paneling. The boys liked to punch holes in the walls, and it is much harder to punch holes through plywood in comparison to drywall.

The daughter happened to unequivocally love music: really loud music that was played over and over on repeat. In response to this, we built a highly insulated room where she could play her piano at the very top of the volume spectrum and not disturb anyone else in the home.

Color was another important factor throughout the remodel. They needed passive and calming colors. Quality Craftsmen worked with our interior designer, brought in to help select the perfect color scheme for their kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Finally, there happened to be a ceiling fan in one of the boy’s rooms that create a strobe light effect that irritated him. So we had to strategically place the light in the room to prevent that from happening.

Each project is unique for every family. Quality Craftsmen understands design, cost, and price considerations.

Our Project Managers make every effort to help our clients make educated and informed construction decisions.  We will do everything in our power and give you our input when redesigning your space to account for any potential problems that could be solved.

Remember, your home should be a space that you love – not a space you have to deal with or adapt to.