Inside Secrets: What To Expect When You Hire A Remodeler (Part 1)

According to a February 1, 2016 HomeAdvisor article in the National Association of The Remodeling Industry (NARI) newsletter, there are three principal fears that homeowners express when it comes to home remodeling:

  • They won’t get what they want
  • They won’t be charged a fair price
  • The job will take longer than promised or expected

In this series of 3 blogs, we’ll tackle these fears and show you how you can stay one step ahead when it comes to deciphering what’s real, what’s imagined, and what you should expect when dealing with a general contractor you’ve decided to let into your home.

Fear #1: I Won’t Get What I Want

As a homeowner with dreams that either match your budget or with dreams that extend beyond your budget, you must first know definitively what you want before you meet any contractor. Talk with friends and family who have gone through the remodeling experience and draw from their advice and wisdom.

Comb reliable sources like Houzz and Porch to inspire ideas. This will also give you a very clear picture on what you don’t want and to see if your budget matches your hopes and expectations. While popular television shows demonstrate “reality dazzle” in under an hour, understand that the process is longer and potentially much messier than you ever see.

What you should get out of these shows, however, is the happiest homeowners are the ones who are very clear about what they want. They might not know how to achieve their dreams, but their dreams are very clear from the outset. Make sure your remodeling professional is listening and is able to relay information back to you in ways that demonstrate he or she knows what you want instead of telling you only what they can do.

An honest professional contractor will also tell you if your home can support the changes you have in your mind and exactly what that will entail vis-a-vis budget, scope, structure, permits, and schedule. An experienced contractor will also let you know whether other professionals such as engineers or architects will need to be involved.

According to the NARI newsletter, “the first question the general contractor should ask on arrival at a potential customer’s home is ‘What is it that you want to do?’” They should then “Actively listen to the homeowner’s response. Repeat what he or she has said to ensure that you’re on the same page. Then, collectively prioritize.” At Quality Craftsmen, our Project Managers listen, provide professional structural advice, product selection options, pros and cons to all suggestions, while always keeping your dream and your budget considerations in mind.

Finding and relying on a home contractor to do the quality job you expect can be tricky but not impossible. You want the type of professional who will wake up at 3 am because of an urgent phone call, drive for more than an hour in a rain and wind storm to make sure the tarpaulin on the new roof has held during the nasty weather and who stays far past dawn to mop up and clean any water that entered the home during the storm. Myth or real? Real – guaranteed!

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