Inside Secrets: What To Expect When You Hire A Remodeler (Part 2)

In the previous blog, we addressed the first of three homeowners’ biggest fears when it comes to hiring a remodeling contractor to create the home of their dreams. We continue in the series based on a HomeAdvisor article in the February NARI newsletter, to tackle what may be the largest of those 3 fears.

Fear #2: I Won’t Get a Fair Price

If you continue to follow the advice from the first blog, much of this fear can be minimized by that initial meeting where you detail your dreams, discuss a budget and establish priorities to achieve your dream. That dialogue must continue throughout the process so that when your professional contractor provides you with a detailed proposal and quote, you can have your questions answered before signing anything.

  • Does your budget discussion chart a course to prevent a mis-step between dream and reality?
  • Are your queries about price fully answered?
  • Does your home remodeler give you time to canvass the market, if you need?
  • Is there contingency so that if unexpected problems occur, you are made aware immediately and you are part of the process when it comes to rectifying those issues.

Perhaps the experienced professional will encounter an issue that could not possibly have been known about prior to starting renovation and realizes the problem must be rectified for the safety of your family and the viability of the home. This could certainly impact your budget, but with discussion and established rapport, you get that fair price!

According to the NARI newsletter, it is the job of the professional contractor to “help homeowners determine the maximum amount they are willing to spend on their projects. Then, (to) take every step necessary to help them select the projects and materials that fall within the budgets they have set. When homeowners start making selections that will cost more than their budgets will allow, tell them.”

Quality Craftsmen understands design, cost, and price considerations. Our Project Managers make every effort to help our clients make educated and informed construction decisions.  If we think you are making a poor choice on a product or design, we’ll speak up, give you our input, and then let you decide on the best course of action.  Remember price and quality often go hand in hand; you usually get what you pay for.

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