Building The Perfect Basement You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Creating the perfect basement for your North Atlanta home can be tough, but it can also be one of the most exciting remodels you can do. Unlike kitchens and bathrooms, basements don’t have a designated purpose defining their design. That means your basement can – for the most part – be anything you want!

North Atlanta Basement RemodelNow that we know anything is possible for your basement, where do you start?
Since it’s your basement, start by looking for inspiration. Remember, inspiration can come from anywhere, even the Huffington Post. Don’t limit your thoughts until you’ve explored further. Here is a link to our gallery page for insparation.
Now that you have an idea of what you want to accomplish, start assigning steps to achieve your remodeling goal(s). A great way to determine these goals is to ask questions about the purpose of your new basement.

How Do You Feel About Home Theaters?

If movies, sports or entertainment mean the world to you, let it show in your design. A Basement Design For North Atlanta Homewell-designed home entertainment area in your basement can easily become the most popular spot in the home. Plan your sound system, and consider using recessed speakers into your ceiling or walls if possible.

Nobody wants to see your DVD collection or other electronic devices, so try to plan and build a small closet for storage. That way the T.V. will have the stage to itself and not have to compete with other electronics.

Will you use this room for hosting friends and family?

North Altanta Basement Remodel and Man CaveIf you love entertaining, then contemplate a room in your basement that will leave a big impression on your guests.

Avoid things that make cleanup harder, like carpets or fabric furniture. Also, amenities like ceiling speakers can keep your music volume constant throughout the basement.

A guest room is also a great option to consider for your basement. This provides a separate space for family and friends where they can have their own privacy while staying in your home.

Is Your Basement For Your Family, or For Yourself?

Whether it’s a “Man Cave,” an office, or even a home gym, a basement can be a versatile place to meet whatever need(s) you might have.

Marietta Basement Remodel GymIf you want peace and quiet, adjusting your insulation can keep sounds from the rest of your home to a minimum. In addition, it can make heating and cooling your home more efficient and cost effective. Reinforcing the floor might also make sense if you decide to put in a home gym with heavy equipment.

Your contractor will be able to help you think of additional ideas and walk you through the next steps of implementing your plans.

At Quality Craftsmen, we have helped Atlanta home owners remodel their basements for over 25+ years. Whether you have a basement you would like to finish, remodel, or if you simply want to add a new fireplace, we can undertake any size project.

Call us at (404) 483 – 7446, or fill out the contact form and a Quality Craftsman representative will contact you within the next work day!

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