Remodeling? Everything You Need To Know On Keeping Your Family Safe

So, you finally have time for that big renovation? Great, but what if you have kids?

While the curiosity of children is one of the greatest things about them, it can often times get them into trouble, especially during a renovation.

Be it holes in the walls or floors, electrical sockets or power tools, or even stray nails and dusty air, a home under renovation can be a very dangerous place for adults, let alone children.

So what can you do help keep your family and children safe during your remodel?

Change your habits – If you have a remodel in a room like the kitchen, be sure to set up a “temporary” kitchen for the family to use safely. For bathrooms, garages or basements, one of the best things is to keep them locked all together.

Talk to your contractor – Find out when to expect work to be done. Also, ask them about what work they have done in houses with children before, and ask what their thoughts are about the situation. Also, be sure to ask that the work area be cleaned and tools put away after each day’s work.

Be wary of dust – Ask you contractor beforehand about how they plan to clean up throughout the process. When asking, see if they have a dust removal system to clean up and remove most of the mess.

Also, be sure to change the filters in the AC after painting and handling of dust-heavy material, like carpets.

Use the fuse box – It sounds funny, but the best way to keep any electrical appliances from reaching havoc after hours is to kill their breaker.

Keep an eye on the dumpster – Trash piles and dumpsters are easy places for children to get hurt, and probably some of the harder places to keep them out of. And with all the risk of nails and splintered wood, it’s incredibly important to keep any children away from these areas.

Get a tetanus shot – Let’s face it, accidents happen, even when you have crossed all your “T’s” and dotted all your “I’s”. With all the jagged rusted metal around, it’s never bad to be proactive, just in case!

At Quality Craftsmen, we want every part of you remodel to go safely as possible, and have worked around families of all sizes across the North Atlanta area for over 25 years.
Upon the beginning of any project, we will ways be sure to create a plan, that keeps everyone in your home safe and sound.
You can call us at (404) 483-7446. Or simply fill out the contact form and a Quality Craftsmen Representative will be in touch!

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