A Step-by-Step Guide for Considering Your Kitchen Remodel

For those that have a love for cooking (or everyone that loves food in general), the kitchen is the place where everything comes together.

And why not? The experience you get cooking at your home with your appliances and family recipes isn’t something you can get eating out, not to mention the money you can save.

Since you spend enough time in your kitchen, shouldn’t you make it a place where you enjoy the experience and surroundings?

Outdated appliances, old countertops, and a poor floor plan are only a couple of the things that can signal it might be time for a kitchen remodel.

When you do decide it’s time to remodel and bring your kitchen into the modern world, you will need a plan and goals to make everything happen.

Although each project is unique, here is a guide to help you start thinking about the basics of every kitchen remodel.

  1. What are your needs in the kitchen?

You might have some general ideas, but make a list of everything you’d like to have.

If you want to completely gut everything, prepare for a strip down to the bare walls and subflooring that might take a little longer. Maybe you just want to cosmetic updates to some appliances, the flooring and lighting.

Whatever the case, define your needs.

  1. What is your budget?

Along with the work plan, your budget will also set what is possible. Make sure the work plan works with the plan for the funds to ensure that you stay within your boundaries.

Your budget will have a direct impact on the extent of the project as well as the price tag of various materials you use.

  1. What design are you going for?

Here comes the fun part!

Start dreaming about your ultimate kitchen and putting everything together.

Research popular kitchen trends in general and in the North Atlanta area so you know what is stylish and other options to fit your budget.

Spend time with design magazines, perusing the Internet, and browsing through home stores to start getting a feel.

  1. What is your timeframe?

A lot of planning has to go into a renovation project.

The time of year and personal life events, along with the area you live in, will all have an effect on your project.

You’ll need to plan for time to plan, hire a contractor, acquire building permit applications, shop and order materials, and then wait for those materials. All before you can even begin your project.

  1. Who will be your Contractor?

Once you have an idea of your budget and plan, it will then be time to find the contractor who will make your plans happen.

Hiring a contractor can be a challenging process, especially if you have no experience in this field.

Speak with several different professionals to discuss the project. Ask for references to enable you to talk with prior customers.

Research contractors online to learn about any business complaints. Check with your local Better Business Bureau to learn about customer complaints.

Kitchen renovations are one of those projects that you might dread and anticipate with eagerness at the same time.

But at Quality Craftsmen, we help you to make the process as easy as possible. We can design everything, so you don’t have to hire someone else or do it yourself. Also, we can work with you to help you create the perfect budget that will meet all your remodeling goals.

We have been using our construction and design expertise to create dream homes for customers north of Atlanta, Georgia for over 25+ years.

Step-by-step, we can easily walk you through the kitchen remodel process and transform that vision into a hassle-free reality.

You can call us at (404) 483-7446. Or simply fill out the contact form and a Quality Craftsmen Representative will contact you!


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