Winter is the Perfect Time to Start Your Interior Remodeling Project

El Niño has been fairly kind to the greater North Atlanta area this year.

With only mild temperatures so far, it’s hard to compare this winter to the misery of last year’s!

However, anyone who has lived here long enough knows it’s only a matter of time until rain and cold temperatures hit.

For most people, this winter weather will postpone any renovation or maintenance projects on the outside of our homes.

However, winter is a great time to tackle renovation projects inside the home, for several reasons:

  • Contractors are doing less exterior work, so they may have more time to work on your kitchen renovation, or converting the basement into a recreation space
  • Depending upon the materials you choose, you may find a better selection on items you want to use than if you wait until spring
  • With fewer construction projects in progress, permits are often faster and easier to obtain when it’s cold outside

All these can get your large renovation project completed faster and even with a little more money in the bank. And who doesn’t want that?

Winter Clean Up

While some homeowners will wait until spring to remodel because of concerns about dust (and outdoor areas for staging the work), current technologies and clean-up methods do control these problems.

At Quality Craftsmen, we use a state-of-the-art dust collection system to prevent a large portion of the indoor mess.

The BuildClean Dust Control System eliminates 90% of airborne dust to provide a healthy, clean environment.

Outdoor Prep

And weather permitting, you can even discuss with your contractor possible outside projects. Maybe there is something you want done in spring that you can get a head start on.

While you might not want to paint in the cold, decks, porches and additions can all be worked on.

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