Dreaming of the Perfect Remodel

Over the past decade, remodeling and renovation projects have become popular alternatives to buying a new home.  Especially now with home inventory at an all-time low in North Atlanta!

Homeowners embrace the things they love about their existing homes and work with a contractor to renovate the spaces that are outdated and increase their home’s value.

For a perfect remodel for your North Atlanta home, consider the following:

The Perfect Kitchen

  • Layout – it all starts with how your family and quests moves about the space. For smaller kitchens, a triangle between the sink, refrigerator, and work space works well. Larger kitchens can add an island countertop.
  • Storage – Another essential to every kitchen is storage space. Counters, cabinets, shelving and pantry location should all work to fit seamlessly with your storage needs.
  • Appliances – Manufactures have developed several innovations to make life in the kitchen much better. What type of oven, stove tops and refrigerators that will fit your family’s needs.

The Ideal Bathroom

  • Function – a bathroom is one of the hardest-working places of your home. It’s likely where you prepare for your hectic Atlanta commute and a recovery spot once the day is over. Think function first over design.
  • Luxury – You don’t need to break the bank to add some extra luxury to your bathroom routine. Heated flooring can make all the difference, especially when it gets cold in Atlanta. Radiant floor heat is also energy efficient because it heats you personally from the ground up.
  • Appliances – Find the perfect mix between bathtub, shower, toilet and sink(s). Counter space is incredibly important, along with flooring, lighting and mirrors, when creating the perfect bathroom.

The Model Basement

  • Family Room – Bring your family together with a casual social space that is perfect for creating memories. Basements are ideal for the big screen TV, pool table, game room, and more.
  • Bath and Bed – Make sure to include a bathroom and guestroom to accompany the living room in your basement. Take note of who will use the space when designing it and what their needs will be beforehand.
  • Built-In Storage – A basement is usually a catch-all storage space. As you remodel, plan for attractive, well-designed storage to neatly hold and organize anything from all your gardening tools and holiday decorations.

A remodel can have a huge impact on the overall feel of a home, and even increase its value. Quality Craftsmen can help make the remodeling process easy.

We have been using our construction and design expertise to create dream homes for customers north of Atlanta, Georgia for over 25+ years.

We can easily walk you through the remodel process and transform that vision into a hassle-free reality. Let us help you fall in love with your home all over again.

You can call us at (404) 483-7446. Or simply fill out the contact form and a Quality Craftsmen Representative will contact you!


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