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Screen-Shot-2015-07-08-at-6.04.15-PM1After last week’s blog on signs to look for that indicate a dangerous deck, you realize you need to be armed with more information when the new, safe deck is built by your Marietta home remodeler.

DECKING:  Wood – must be sealed bi-annually. Stain is recommended for added protection.
Redwood – popular, rot-resistant and expensive; color may not suit every home.
Cedar– rot-resistant and durable; about 20% less expensive than redwood, depending on availability.
Cypress – rot-resistant; popular in the southeast. Not as strong as cedar or redwood or pressure treated lumber.
Pressure treated – strongest, most readily available, and most affordable deck material.
Synthetic – low maintenance; molded in various colors and can be painted. Does not resist bending as well as solid wood.
Wood polymer – 50/50 ratio of waste wood and recycled plastic; can be stained or painted and looks and feels like wood but does not require maintenance. Like synthetic decking, wood polymers do not resist bending as well as solid wood.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 6.22.14 PMPosts and beams – A 4” x 4” post is insufficient to carry weight. You need to have 6” x 6” posts that are bolted to the beam. These bolts must be through-bolted with galvanized carriage bolts and nuts. NEVER use lag screws.

Joists and joist hangers – Joists hold the floor level and stiff. They must be correctly sized and spaced for load, which your professional remodeler can calculate. Again, this is not a DIY project! One important note that any skilled professional will ensure – the old fashioned approach of notched joists is no longer considered reliable or sound and has been replaced with the use of galvanized metal joist hangers.

Stairs & Railings – Newel post – bolted to the frame instead of nailed and embedded in concrete.

Balusters – Children can squeeze through the smallest places so ensure that these are securely mounted with spacing not to exceed 4” apart.

Now you have all the secrets to assist you in getting a beautiful, safe, long-lasting deck on your property to enjoy!



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