Safety First – Exterior Lighting Tips

Turn on your television and be prepared for a shudder or two, and unfortunately, I don’t mean from the latest horror film. With news reports being what they are today, make sure your home is well lit for your safety and also for the safety of guests visiting your home in the evening. Here are a few quick tips on what to look for:

Motion-activated or motion-sensor lighting:
The lighting turns on when something or someone passes the area being covered by a motion sensor, not by how dark or light it might be outside. It turns off when the motion is no longer detected which saves on electricity. This lighting is often mounted near the garage to light up when you get out of your car and startles would-be intruders. Be sure it’s mounted high; otherwise, a burglar might try to unscrew it to disable it. Also, ensure these lights are protected from the elements by a weatherproof box.


All-night lighting:
It provides constant lighting, so it would be hard for an intruder to enter your home without being seen. You can set it to
turn on at dusk and off at dawn with a timer or a photo cell. Since it uses a lot of electricity, consider using a solar-powered version.


Hi/low combination lighting:
This lighting offers illumination when you need it. When someone passes by, the motion sensor makes the lights brighten. Overnight, it uses a low-intensity light.

Moonlight effect:
Lighting that’s not stronger than that of a full moon, and yet it’s strong enough to make shadows and highlights. This soft form of lighting gets rid of dark areas where an intruder might hide and spotlights movement on your property.

Use them to light a dark garage, stairway or entryway. Light the way for your family to enter the home after dark and discourage intruders from trying to enter. Position floodlights high up enough so that they cast a wide cone of light.


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