Power of the Pin


“A picture is worth a thousand words”; this age old expression is the most succinct description for the social media giant, Pinterest. In case you’re not familiar with Pinterest, this virtual pin board is a photo sharing platform that encourages you to share your photos of inspiration, wishes, ideas and more, and then interact and comment with others who might share your interests. In turn, those people will want to share their photos and ideas and before you know it, your original photos have circulated around the globe and you’ve become re-inspired in ways you never would have imagined.

The home remodeling market has found Pinterest to be a veritable gold mine that just keeps giving. With millions of different users reposting, or “pinning” (to use the correct Pinterest terminology) just their home renovation ideas, it’s now easy to virtually show any remodeling professionals exactly what you have in mind for that brand new kitchen, bathroom or whole home makeover you’ve been saving for. Pinterest is the centralized online social media scrapbook of those old photos, loose pages, rough sketches and handwritten ideas you used to have. It is the immediate go-to site that saves you from keeping hundreds of bookmarks and tabs open in your browser. If you want a quick idea of how Pinterest works, check out our own Pinterest site (www.pinterest.com/qualitycraftsmn) and get inspired and get pinning.





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