Your Home = Fashion Statement

With the phenomenal popularity of home makeovers, DIY television, and social media platforms, it was just a question of time before our homes became the latest frontier of style and fashion. Paint colors are deemed “hot” or “not”, bathrooms are “spas” and “zen retreats” and the simple kitchen is now a “chef’s kitchen” or a “fashion-forward-culinary-extravaganza”!

To ensure you’re not left out of the home restyling boom, or if you are considering entering the realty market this spring, let’s review 3 of the top 10 tips from DIY Network’s Bath Crashers as one of the smartest areas to update and add investment value – your bathroom.

1.  Mediterranean inspired design

Inspired by tile from countries such as Spain, Morocco and Portugal, these designs mix old world style with modern aesthetics to give elegant glitz. Think of mosaic tile to add luxurious elements to backsplashes or for accent inlaid “tile carpet” on your bathroom floor.


2. In-floor heat and towel warmers

Nothing speaks upgrade like warm floors in colder temperatures. Look for the best energy efficient radiant heaters that come in two types: electric and hydronic (water). Towel warmers provide warmth and comfort at a price that won’t break the bank, in a variety of different styles.

3. Deluxe showers

Showers are edging out bathtubs and this is where the word “spa” applies. Think of fully enclosed steam showers with multiple body spray jets, oversized, overhead rain-shower heads, built-in benches and frameless glass doors. If you’re still a bath fan, the bathtub is taking a more central position and is often raised on a platform in the center of the bathroom.

We’ll continue to add to this design trend in next week’s blog as we look at lighting, showers and even three dimensional tile!

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