It’s all about that Base …

No, no mistake. I know the original catchy song is about that “bass”, but this article leans on the lyrics and wants to address the “base” – –  color that is!

Despite the myriad paint color chips in your local hardware shop, each with an enticing name that sounds like something you’d want to wear, eat, or do, good old white remains the go-to color of choice when it comes to cabinets in kitchens and  bathrooms. Of course there is no such thing anymore as just plain white; there is blue white, warm white, cool white, mountain white, ivory, bone white, porcelain. The list goes on; you’ll need to be careful. For some people who have never achieved satisfaction with white, it is even deemed boring. The truth is, according to social giant, Houzz, you can’t go wrong when it comes to white – especially for cabinets. This is one fundamental aspect that is here to stay and is a wonderful basic staple to consider if you want to refresh your home’s appearance or play it safe(r) if you are updating to sell your home.

The other wonderful aspect to white is that just about everything else – glass, stone, alluring mosaic tile, pops of bright color, interior cabinet color, lights, cocoa or pale floors, marble or exotic granite counters – pairs beautifully with white.

Just consider the images below for that time-enduring “base” to maybe change your mind or to find motivation:



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