2015 Top Bathroom Trends – part 3

In our recent blogs, we’ve used the expertise of the DIY Network and social media giant, Houzz, to help determine the top trends in bathroom renovation projects that add value and style to your home. These remaining entries will be the final in this series of bathroom blogs.

Media and music

It might have started with waterproof radios that hung around your metal shower caddy, but we’ve gone high tech with this latest bathroom trend. Wireless speakers, bluetooth devices, water proof in-wall televisions, and docking stations are incorporated into mirrors, vanities and even showers.


Universal Design
Curbless, walk-in showers, floating vanities, comfort height toilets,  handrails, and side mount faucets are part of the changing bathroom landscape as the population considers age, and special needs demographics combined with the booming trend of smaller footprint housing. Some of these designs create a cleaner, cohesive look and will certain aid in enlarging the visual perception of any bathroom. As part of the best space utilization, the trend seems to be an all-in-one “steam/shower wet room” rather than the traditional separate bathtub and shower ensemble.


Bathroom Fireplace

How better to create luxury in your bathroom than through the use of a fireplace!  A fairly self-explanatory item but with a novel twist. Let the photographs charge your imagination.


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