Honey – I’ve Lost my Fingerprints!

I stared at my husband as he tried to login to his cell phone. The words made sense; the concept was incomprehensible! “What do you mean, ‘lost your fingerprints?’” I asked, watching as he pressed his thumb repeatedly on the front of his phone. “That’ll teach you to go for some fancy fingerprinting access code-thingy,” I mumbled to myself, still not fully understanding what he was saying.

This real event was sparked by a bathroom renovation that we started in our Marietta home over the 2 week Christmas/New Year’s break. Watching numerous home improvement jobs on television, we thought that this time frame would be enough to get a “simple” re-tile/bathtub replacement completed. One month later, the bathroom is still unusable, tools are piled up in the bathroom and overflow into the hallway, the bathroom sinks are littered with damaged and cracked tile ends, the fine gritty dust from demolition is STILL settling – everywhere, the brand new bathtub is showing signs of renovation “wear,” we’re tired of sharing a master bathroom with our 17 year old daughter, I’m thinking of relocating to a clean hotel room (alone), and now, thanks to caustic thin-set, my husband’s  fingerprints are non existent.

Home improvement shows are a danger to the ordinary homeowner! We watch as a dilapidated home is restored to a glamorous mansion, by one man, or woman, working with a hammer and basic electric tools. Large rustic beams, French provincial kitchen cabinets, gleaming granite, tropical rainwater shower heads, pulsating jets, under floor heating and towel rails that fold into the wall under a mahogany shelf when they’re not needed, are magically installed – all in under 60 minutes. The colorful, pristine decor matches the inevitable bowl of lemons left on the brand new dining room table and the entire project is always completed, on time and on budget. There is no talk of lost fingerprints, nor scenes of dashing off to a shop to buy that one box of tiles you didn’t originally budget for only to find they no longer carry that color, finish, or size.

Next time, we work with a specialist! Thinking that we would be able to get this home remodeling job done for lower cost and less time without qualified professional help is untrue. Without expert advise, shifting ideas have changed the scope of our original plan, unknown pitfalls have derailed progress and our original “simple” bathroom job has ballooned in cost and effort. And now … we need fingerprints!

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