Happy Valen-tile!

It’s the Valentine weekend! Time for heart-shaped cards, roses, declarations of undying love, armloads of chocolates and romantic restaurant meals. My Valentine Saturday? Another desperate race for a couple of boxes of bullnose tile and glass mosaic accent that we suddenly realized we need for the bathroom renovation in our East Cobb home that is now about to mark its second holiday; yes, the “quick” reno job we started over Christmas!

While the rest of Marietta hunkers down in love-filled warm homes, my long-suffering husband and I will be continuing the tiling job that never ends in our daughter’s bathroom. DIY mistakes that professionals simply don’t make have worn us down. Classic remodeling errors such as not measuring correctly, forgetting the vertical wooden battens to keep tile edges straight, overlooking the space that the horizontal battens take up, and that thinset becomes concrete when glooped into the brand new bathtub, have made this job unforgettable. That’s why you should contact a professional remodeler! More than likely, a professional tile expert would have completed the task in under one weekend. We would have perfectly aligned glass mosaic accent tile set against the subway tile, straight seam lines meeting in the corners, mathematically precise spacing – vertically and horizontally – and grout so perfect it’ll last longer than the remaining house without a single crack or shrinkage.

What happened to my extra space?
Job 1 grows!
Guess what that area above the red line means? Scope creep!

So, while I butter tiles for the third weekend in a row, squabble with my tired and overworked husband about the consistency of the thinset, and break yet another tile in the archaic tile cracker I wish I’d never set eyes on, I’ll try to remember that love, co-operation, compromise and partnership is supposed to be how we started this journey together. Meanwhile, Happy Valen-tile to the rest of you; call a professional renovator if you want to keep the love alive!

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