Demolition Dan

Demolition Dan

Planted in front of television on a Friday evening, I watched as the inexperienced homeowner swung an over-sized mallet into his kitchen cabinet that he wanted to “renovate”.  As the wood cracked and large splinters flew towards his face, the action froze and the words “Don’t try this at home” flashed across the screen. With no safety goggles, gloves, or experience, this was guaranteed to be another home renovation project about to take an unexpected turn – probably to the nearest hospital! Without a real plan and the knowledge to make it successful, Demolition Dan was about to tear his kitchen apart because he didn’t like the outdated handles or the color of his honey colored oak cabinets.

HGTV is the kindling that has lit the fire of home renovation burning brightly in today’s home market. With inspiring sights such as Houzz and Pinterest fanning the blaze of remodeling projects, each weekend sees the kings of the demolition derby taking on projects with gusto. A simple cabinet reface that an experienced renovator would advise about, becomes an opportunity to blitz and punch holes through drywall – all because we see it being successfully undertaken by the brawny heroes of DIY television. A trusted professional renovation company is going to be able to not only take away the unwanted, old, potentially dangerous elements from your Marietta home, but they will be best suited to advise on updated design, function, and cost before lifting so much as a nail from your property.

For all the successful projects we see on television, there are as many unsuccessful failures that have now made such a name for themselves that they too are featured in their own reality series. There’s no guilty pleasure more satisfying than playing armchair quarterback watching couples bicker and melt down when their simple home renovation project blossoms into full scale warfare. Quite often, as the closing credits roll, the project has to be saved by the experts that are called in to rescue the day. Demolition Dan lurks within many of our hearts – do your homework and use the qualified experts to turn your project into the next pinnable success!

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