5 Remodel Projects You Can Start This Winter

Spring is usually a popular time to remodel your marietta home, however here are some key reasons to consider remodeling your home this winter.

Scheduling – Don’t rule out your exterior home renovation just because it’s winter. Georgia has temperament winters so depending on the weather, your contractor may still be able to conduct an exterior remodel to your home. The winter months are a great time to start home interior work such as painting, flooring, updating cabinetry and kitchen. Keep in mind, the booking your project in the earlier or later months of winter will reduce the chance for shipping delays.

Contractor Availability – According to remodeling magazine, home remodeling is expected to grow 35% this spring. A quality, reputable contractor might have limited availability in the spring, so consider having them bid your job in January or February.

Update your flooring – The winter season is great for installing new hardwood flooring. Decreased humidity means there’s less of a chance for water damage and the drier air will reduce gapping. The winter air also ensures a quicker drying time for any adhesive involved. Additionally, new wood flooring tends to insulate better than old, worn flooring.


Insulate your attic – Adding thermal barrier insulation will ensure 20% of your home’s heat doesn’t escape through the attic. This insulation will also reduce your cooling bills significantly in the summer time. Before committing to the project, you should have your home thoroughly evaluated to determine the areas where energy is lost, the amount of insulation needed and a cost estimate.


Basement Remodel – Since the basement is on the lower level, you won’t have to open the house to the elements, like you would with a kitchen addition. Winter air is also less humid so the chance of mold forming on exposed surfaces is much lower.


Kitchen Remodel – If your kitchen dated, why not bring in the new year with a newly remodeled kitchen. If you have kids, most likely they will be in school so less disruption to your daily lives.


Bath Remodel – You work hard all year. You deserve to have a serene retreat in your home in the form of a master bath. If a full bath remodel is out of the question, consider replacing the vanity, sinks and countertop for an updated look.


Now that winter is here, the last thing most people want to do is to spend time outdoors working on home improvement projects. At the same time, this doesn’t mean the winter season has to be wasted. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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