3 Tips To Consider When Remodeling Your Marietta Bathroom


Remodeling your Marietta bathroom is not a DIY job and should be left to a quality, reputable contractor. Before you get started, here are 3 tips to consider before starting your remodeling project.

1. Define Your Scope and Existing Layout
Are you looking to increase bathroom space, or just update the current look of your existing bathroom? Would you like to increase the size of your master bedroom closet? Imagine your dream bathroom with all the amenities, what would this look like?

• If your project is fairly extensive, consider a contractor that specializes in design/build services. Contractors with an in-house design team will ensure your ideas are feasible within the specified budget and reduces the potential for change orders.


2. Research Your Materials
Pick up a few home magazines and see what materials catch your eye. Cut these clips out and place them in a “design ideas” binder to share with your contractor. Houzz.com is a great resource for design inspiration. Quality custom cabinets have unique features such as auto closing drawers and are built to spec. Concrete countertops are the latest trend and can be stained various colors to match your decor. Travertine floors are durable and heating elements can be installed, so no more cold feet in the winter.

3. Know Your Budget
Set a budget early on. Whether you are obtaining financing via a home equity loan or paying outright, budgets keep you and your contractor on the right path. If you are changing the layout of your bathroom, you will hike up the price significantly. Don’t forget that labor will make up the majority of the remodeling cost, so using materials that are less expensive will shave the cost, even if the labor remains the same. Never skimp on quality labor.


Having your ideas ironed out early will ensure your project will be quoted accurately and is vital when comparing bids from other contractors.

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