Which Home Addition Will Net You The Most Return?


If you could remodel your Marietta home with an addition, which room would net you the highest return? There are a number of items to consider when remodeling your home, most importantly how you plan to utilize the additional space. According to remodeling.hw.net, homeowners will recoup 68-70% of their investment with a major/minor kitchen renovation.

What constitutes a major vs a minor home renovation depends on a multitude of factors. Do walls need to be removed? Make sure your quality contractor hires a licensed structural engineer to ensure walls to be removed are non load bearing. If plumbing and electrical need to be rerouted, ensure your contractor makes this known upfront to avoid being hit with a surprise costly change order.

Attic Bedroom Remodel

An attic bedroom exploits roof space previously devoted to high school yearbooks and various relics that you’ve collected over the years. Declutter the space and reclaim the space under your roof avoids many zoning and easement concerns — common chores when creating a home addition. The rule of thumb for ceiling heights is Generally 7 feet 6 inches high over a minimum floor area of 70 sq. ft. We recommend raising your ceilings to 10 foot if you have the space and budget to do so.

Whichever room you decide, know that home additions are NOT for do it yourselfers. Attempting a home remodeling project on your own could cause significant damage to your property therefore costing you more time and money. Hire a quality home renovation contractor with the capabilities and proven background to ensure your project is completed correctly the first time. With Quality Craftsmen, You’ll Fall In Love With Your Home All Over Again.

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