5 Essentials Steps For Planning Your Basement Remodel

With the fall season rapidly approaching, the August and September months are a great time to start remodeling your basement for the holiday season. A properly finished basement can be used for just about any anything – a new home office, a game/play room, a home theater or just a place where your kids can hang out with their friends. Even a separate finished suite for aging parents or some extra income are all real options when you decide to finish your basement. Before you’ve selected your quality marietta contractor, following these guidelines will ensure your basement remodel project is completed within your timeline and budget.

1. Determine How You Want to Use the Space – placing the social spot near windows provides the best natural light to draw people in. Depending on the amount of square footage you have available, adding a full downstairs kitchen can make life a lot easier during those big holiday parties. Adding counter space can serve as both a food preparation area and valuable seating space.

*Tip – Mark off your designated areas with blue tape to help you envision your layout for each space. Don’t forget to measure the height of your ceilings as well to account for ductwork and/or sprinkler systems.

2. Test for Moisture – Addressing and fixing a moisture issue early on will prevent delays and costly repairs to your new flooring.

*Tip – Tape a 2-foot section of plastic sheeting to the floor and walls. Wait a week. If condensation forms underneath, your foundation’s not sealed. If droplets form on top, your basement needs dehumidifying.

3. Add Proper Insulation and Vapor Barrier – The Georgia winters occasionally drop below freezing so it’s important to ensure your pipes are well insulated. While the pipes are exposed, make sure your contractor wraps foam insulation sleeves over hot to prevent heat loss and over cold-water ones to prevent condensation from dripping onto the drywall or ceiling.

4. Walls and HVAC – Depending on your basement layout and square footage, it’s important to have an efficient AC system that will keep the space comfortable without breaking the power bill.

*Tip – Marking the wall placement areas with blue tape will allow your quality contractor to visualize the space and more accurately estimate the ducting required for your basement remodel. Exposed ceilings are a new trend and look great if done properly.

5. Choose your flooring wisely- If you have kids or pets, a light colored carpet in the basement is a bad idea. There are numerous wood finishes available to meet all styles and budgets. Choose a flooring material that best meets your objectives for the basement remodel.

*Tip – Try out numerous flooring samples, ranging from tile, laminate, to hardwood and lay them side by side against one another. Trying different color schemes is essential because the samples you see at the store will look completely different in your basement.

With the holidays right around the corner the late summer months are a great time to start your basement renovation. Whatever your style and budget, Quality Craftsmen has been Marietta’s trusted basement remodeler for over 23 years. With Quality Craftsmen, You’ll Fall In Love With Your Home All Over Again.

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