Universal Bathroom Design Ideas


If you thought elements for universal design for your bathroom was a metal bar next to the toilet or in the shower, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Your universal design bathroom doesn’t have to look like the bathroom at the hospital either. Today’s universal design bathrooms are gorgeous and classy, while remaining easily accessible and with a decent price tag.

When making a bathroom for use by all, you’ll first off need a wider door. Except for the enlarging of the door frame itself, the actual larger door will usually only cost about $30 more than a standard door and will be wheelchair accessible as well as mom carrying a load of laundry in a basket accessible without having to turn the basket sideways and contort through the door at a strange angle. Double doors is also an option if the thought of a wider door is unappealing to you. To make the doorknobs more accessible, switching to lever handle knobs or dummy knobs with a ball catch, so all you do to open it is push. This makes it easier for anyone accessing the bathroom with or without a laundry basket.

Levers not only make the doors easier to use, but faucets too.  They tend to be a little more stylish than the old plastic round ones, and the price difference isn’t even large.  The shower head being handheld not only makes it accessible to users of all heights and abilities, but they make it easier for shower cleaning since you can maneuver that shower head to spray all the nooks and crannies of your shower or tub.

Universal Shower Design


Marietta-universal-design-showerDoes that shower have to be a pre molded acrylic with a plastic bench for sitting? Of course not. The most beautiful feature of the universal design bathroom is the curbless walk-in shower. No, it doesn’t look like the showers at the gym, it looks like a luxury spa. It can be as fancy or as simple as you’d like. The cost over your shower remodel with a lip is generally a whopping $200 for floor joists so the entrance is flat going into the shower. You can take that nice new tiled shower with built in bench that you want and make it curbless for only a small amount more and you never have to worry about tripping getting in or out of the shower, and don’t pretend like you weren’t thinking about how much easier it would be to wash the dog with that bench and handheld shower head.


With your universal design toilet, the notion of the higher toilet isn’t usually ideal for small children because kids have trouble climbing up onto it. There are remedies to that, like a step stool or a plastic portable potty, both are only temporary. Another good idea for the toilet is the no-slam lids. They protect little fingers, keep the seat from dropping violently with a loud crash, and won’t suddenly fall down on the user. Keeping the toilet area open instead of a compartmentalized bathroom, gives your master bath a less cramped feeling and makes it wheelchair accessible. Universal design bathrooms are useful for everyone.


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