8 Questions To Ask Contractors Before Hiring


Marietta-Home-RemodelerSo you want to build a sunroom? Marietta’s home renovation specialists, Quality Craftsmen, has assembled a list of qualifications that you should look for when hiring a contractor for such an important job. This particular post can also be applied to most home remodeling projects.

1. Is your home contractor licensed through the state? They also need to be up to date on local marietta, atlanta, alpharetta building codes and bonded/ insured to keep you from holding the bag if something goes wrong.

2. Are they known in the community/neighborhood as a good, RELIABLE company? Will they provide local references on the phone or in person? Ten years is a good number when it comes to necessary experience when taking on such a large venture with extensive planning and work. Make sure the company you go with is not a fly by night company and has trackable memberships in local business associations.

3. Will they detail their payment cycle? Of course you want to take the word of the person you’re hiring, but for your sake and the contractor’s, make sure to execute a detailed contract so you don’t end up paying more than you’ve bargained for. Know what’s included up front and what will cost more later, but always remember that underlying problems do come up when it comes to structure and building codes during any remodel. NEVER pay for an entire project up front. Payments are distributed as an initial deposit (usually  a percentage of the overall job), then progress payments are to be made based on the completion of each project stage.

4. Does your contractor hire a structural engineer? When adding an addition to your house, your project needs to pass an inspection in the end, so make sure your company works with an engineer to make sure everything is completely to code. A structural engineer has expertise and training in areas concerning the structural soundness of your home. A quality contractor would enlist this service for you as part of the project.

5. Does your contractor have the capabilities to build you the sunroom you want? The company you use needs to get you the sunroom YOU want. Ask for pictures of previous jobs so you can see what the company is capable of. If you want floor to ceiling glass or a certain type of ceiling, make sure you and the designer and the contractor are all on the same page. It’s your sunroom for your house, it won’t be like anyone else’s.

6. Will they set a realistic timeline? If you have plans to go on vacation and your project will take approximately 45 days, it’s good to know in advance instead of scrambling to figure out what to do while the workers are on site and you have to leave town in two days. You also may need to block out time for permitting and design, so your start date could change and change the estimated completion date.

7. Will your contractor give you a materials list? You are taking an outdoor space and giving it the comforts of an indoor space. You can’t cut corners on materials. You need to have the most efficient windows, floors, and roofing to keep your energy costs low and keep the new room as comfortable as possible for maximum enjoyment. Estimates will vary based on the quality of materials used as well as labor.

8. Does your contractor offer a warranty on the labor?  The high quality materials used will likely have a manufacturers warranty of some kind, but your contractor needs to warranty his finished product as well. Don’t be left on the hook for a ceiling leak or faulty wiring that shows its face a couple years down the road.

Sunrooms are a great way to renovate your home to make it more enjoyable for many years to come. A sunroom addition is no small undertaking and hiring a quality, experienced contractor is key to ensuring your project is completed correctly the first time.

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