Spring Break Survival Guide from Quality Craftsmen


If you dread the inevitable cabin fever you’ll hear about from your young ones, we’ve got some tips to keep the family productive while making your home more enjoyable.  Spring break = spring cleaning, how else will you find your camping gear that’s been hiding in the garage since last September? You’ll want to take advantage of the upcoming beautiful April weather after this endless winter.


1. Pantry overhaul– A forgotten bag of Doritos in the back of the pantry isn’t the only surprise waiting for you in the darkness.  Adequate lighting is essential in the kitchen and pantry for the safety of the cook and the safety of items with a shelf life. Stop throwing away food hidden from view and questioning your culinary skills because your windows only let in enough light for cooking half of the day. Add a new window or some can lights over your workspace.


2. Reorganize the closet clutter– Once you remove all the ill-fitting 90’s garb from your closet and put all the winter clothes away for summer storing, you may realize that your closet could use some more organization and pizzaz. Turn that walk-in closet into a dazzler with an island and some custom drawers with granite tops. Then donate those old clothes to the Thrift Store or shelter because one day the kids will find them to be in-style again-you’ll be wishing you did come tax time.


3. Get outside and erase the doom and gloom of winter. All those dead branches and leaves will soon be in the way of your green grass and colorful perennials. The porch may have a lovely view of the yard, but wouldn’t it be better with a ceiling fan and some screens to keep the bugs away?  Get the patio ready for “grilling’ season” and spruce it up with a built in fire pit or outdoor kitchen.


4. Daydream about your basement while the family gets it organized and cleaned out. There’s no reason not to turn your basement into an inlaw suite for those teen summer sleepovers or a game room for a sunburn-free good time this summer.


5. Most importantly, spend time with your family. The long work weeks and overtime hours take their toll on everyone in the house, not just the ones stuck doing the work. Pull out the bicycles and tennis racquets and play together as a family. Work won’t miss you as much as your kids do. Plan a picnic and park excursion for the middle of the day and relax and enjoy the company.


Of course, Quality Craftsmen can help you with all of your improvements, indoor or outdoor, but the family time is up to you.


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