Maximize Your Tax Return and Happiness By Upgrading Your Master Bath


Quality-Shower-RemodelIf you’re one of the millions of Americans that are expecting a tax return, why not maximize the return and increase your happiness by remodeling your master bath. Hiring a professional comes as a misnomer of being expensive over the DIY route, but that’s not necessarily the case. A great QUALITY, guaranteed project will be worry-free and will be right the first time.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

The master bath standards and looks have changed dramatically over the years. Master bathrooms are now larger with bigger vanities and more open space. The measurements for your new shower have to be perfect, especially if you’re making a glass enclosure for the shower; incorrect or slightly off measurements can be a very costly mistake and cause other issues later down the road. Adequate ventilation is also key, you have to make sure your shower doors aren’t too tall or you ceiling too low, or you risk mold growing on your ceiling or in the rest of your bathroom.


Quality-Marietta-Shower-RemodelBathroom Renovation Ideas

If you want the look of beautiful glass tiles or three-quarter inch mosaic tiles, but don’t want to spend a fortune, use them for accent tiles with a much larger main tile for the rest of the shower. It breaks up the monotony of a single color uniform size tile scheme. Bathroom graded recessed lighting with a dimmer will allow a little personalization to each person’s shower experience. You also don’t need those cheap plastic accessories to hold your shampoos and body wash. In-the-wall shelving is beautiful, useful, and is done between the studs of the wall to give you an out of the way spot to keep your personal products.

If you love your audio, you can take that experience to the master bath by adding waterproof speakers and a bluetooth sound system for your ipod (or iphone if you really want to receive phone calls in the shower) in the shower. Why is that trash can still sitting in the floor for everyone to see and trip over? You can put an undermount trash receptacle into your vanity, so that once you deposit your trash, it’s out of sight and out of mind.


Marietta-Bathroom-Remodel-Quality-Craftsmen1Does anyone feel like they have enough storage in the bathroom? Not usually. Cabinets don’t just have to be below the countertop anymore, storage options are endless once you start using your counter space for cabinets also, then you don’t have a mess of things lying out in the open, they’re hidden away in beautiful cabinetry.

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You work hard and the master bath is the one room in your house you’re guaranteed to use every day. Quality Craftsmen has 23+ years of experience remodeling master baths and we’ll ensure your Marietta bath remodel is completed with quality in mind the first time. Maximize your tax return and increase your happiness by upgrading your marietta ga master bath today. Contact us at 404-483-7446 to schedule your free consultation.


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