Should You Remodel or Move?


When you feel dissatisfied with your home, whether you’ve outgrown it or grown tired of it, you are faced with the decision, “Do I remodel or move?”

There are so many factors that come into play when you find yourself in this situation-the most influential being money. On paper, it may seem like it’s cheaper to move into a bigger, better, newer home, but the $40,000+ average it costs to move (after closing costs, moving costs, utility deposits, and painting every room to fit your style) is lost forever. It doesn’t increase the value of your home at all, it’s just money out the window. If your 1980’s marietta kitchen appears dated or is a constant source of stress due to lack of cabinet, counter, or appliance space, why not update?

When you remodel or build an addition to your Marietta home, a majority of that money is recouped later on down the road when you decide to sell your home. If you enjoy entertaining, a kitchen addition can add 100 to 300 extra square feet of useable living space that you can enjoy even after all the guests leave. A kitchen addition will also allow you to install a center island that can serve as a dining area, food prep station, and additional storage to finally organize that tupperware drawer.

Avoid “Upgrade” Fees
Odds are, if you bought a new house, the kitchen wouldn’t be exactly what you’d fantasized about anyway. Additional money would be needed to “upgrade’’ outside of your set builder’s budget on lower end appliances, floor coverings, and other lower end amenities that are typically included with newer construction homes. By remodeling your existing home you can replace all the appliances, countertops, cabinets, and floors with the design/materials that best reflect your personal style.

Low Home Inventories

If you’re still on the fence with the decision to remodel or move, speak with a local contractor and real estate agent to see the available inventory in your budget to see if a move is worthwhile. Remember, you have to pack up and unpack your entire life for the move-and the process of selling a home is rather invasive. You may need to do some serious remodeling just to sell your current home before moving into a new one. What you’re looking for may or may not be available in the area where you want to live. Sometimes a high quality remodel is exactly what your house needs to feel like your comfortable home again.

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