Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling Ideas


Atlanta-Kitchen-RemodelerIf the last time your kitchen was remodeled was the 1980s, you’ll have noticed that the kitchen decorating trends have changed a bit. Before, a kitchen decor fad would last a couple of years, or a decade at most, but nowadays your kitchen renovation and upgrades are set to be timeless. Sure,  lemon yellow appliances are kitschy right now, but who says potential buyers will like it. Lucky for us, the current trends are pretty universally liked and classy.

Maximize Kitchen Space
Right now, about ⅓ of families doing a kitchen renovation actually increase the square footage of the kitchen by adding on to the room, but another third are merging the kitchen with other rooms to make a bigger space. Either way, the kitchen is the central hub of the home where most of the family and guests spend time grazing or socializing, and having more space is a positive thing.


Atlanta-Kitchen-RenovationAt least 65% of people remodeling their atlanta kitchen or upgrading their home choose to incorporate one or more stainless steel appliances and professional chef quality stoves and ovens. That look works whether your kitchen is taking on an industrial look, chef’s kitchen, or country chic- they just look good no matter what. Another option is to mix and match any color to stainless without anything looking out of place. Top that with a classic neutral color scheme (they’re all the rage,) and you’ll have a totally desirable kitchen now and 20 years down the road.

Kitchen Flooring to Fit Your Family’s Lifestyle
But what about your floors? You fell out of love with the linoleum years ago when it started rolling up and separating at the seams. You’re not alone because 70% of American homes are choosing tile or wood for their kitchen renovations. Now you can replace it with a number of long lasting materials that will also look great. Two of the most popular kitchen flooring trends today are porcelain and cork. Which way you go depends on your family makeup- Cork flooring has a limited color palette, but it is durable. It’s recommended for marietta houses with rambunctious kids or pets because of the noise absorption and shock absorption- your plates and glasses are safer when they hit this flooring. It does require some maintenance, but it’ll stand up to a lot of wear and tear with an active family.

Porcelain floors are the fastest growing flooring choice today. It’s a more expensive choice initially because the tiles are made from more refined and purified clays, and therefore harder to cut and more expensive to purchase, but in the long run they’re more durable and look as beautiful and can mimic natural stone or any other type of tile you desire. These floors have lower moisture absorption, are less likely to crack, and are impervious to stains. Once it’s grouted and sealed perfectly, your floor will require little to no maintenance for the life of the home.

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