Increase Family Time With a New Media Room


basement-remodel-marietta-287x300Finishing a basement is a good way to increase your home’s space as well as value. In 2013, homeowners in the southeast recouped an average of 80% of the money paid into the basement remodeling project; not a bad investment for space that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

One of the most popular trends in home or  basement remodeling in marietta is a media room. A media room is a multipurpose room with a big screen, a surround sound system, and a few comfy places to sit, the rest of it is up to you. The emergence of the media room has been beneficial to families by increasing family time with movie nights or gathering to watch a weekly show or sporting event. Aside from the TV, the rest of the media room is fair game. The seating can be an L-shaped sofa with a chaise, several couches, or a dozen bean bag chairs.

Increase Convenience

It’s all about what fits your family and your needs. A convenience feature you can also add is a wet bar and refrigerator so drinks and food can be on hand and easily accessible at all times. Some people add an entire small kitchen in case they convert that media room into an in-law suite for when the kids move back home after college.

Multiuse Space

Enhance your media room experience with a reading nook and custom bookcases to display all those hardcover novels you wish you’d read already and have an appropriate place to put those embarrassing photos from the past that you just can’t part with but don’t want to put in the formal living space upstairs.

Poker tables were all the rage for the past decade, especially in the man cave, but they’re easily converted back and forth from poker table to the family gathering spot for tabletop gaming like Monopoly or Dungeons & Dragons.

Your marietta basement remodel possibilities are endless, and with a skilled contractor you can have anything you want in that multipurpose media room, like a putting green or driving range, photography dark room, hot-yoga studio, a shower exclusively for the dog, a billiards room, or even a theatrical stage for that Pre-K production of Hamlet you’ve been wanting to direct.

Whatever you decide, renovating your marietta basement into a media room is beneficial from every standpoint: more living space, more family time, and a nice return on your investment when it comes time to sell.

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These are just a few basement remodel ideas on how you can reconfigure your basement to better fit your family’s needs. Contact us today at 404-483-7446 and book a free consultation with us.

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