Fall In Love With Your Home All Over Again

Marietta-Remodeling-Contractor-300x146Given the recent valentine’s day, we wanted to write about the one prized possession that’s been there for you, time and time again. When you met, it was love at first sight and you loved everything about this possession. You might have even debated with your spouse about why this possession was the one. This possession of course, is your home.

 Do you remember when you and your home first met? Everything about the home was a new experience. When you walked into the kitchen, you envisioned yourself cooking for your family and hosting get togethers with your friends. You also probably envisioned hosting sleepovers with your kids’ friends in the beautiful living room or basement.

Fast forward 5-10 years later, the kids are older…you’ve also probably updated your hairstyle 10 different times as well. Your tried and true home deserves an update and here are some ways you can recreate that original spark and fall in love with your home all over again.

Update Your Kitchen

During parties and everyday living, the kitchen is often the central gathering place for your family and friends.  People gravitate wherever the food is. Creating an open floor plan is great for entertaining by having the kitchen open up to the living space. Adding a center island will also increase storage space and functionality of your kitchen. Installing quartz or granite countertops while updating the flooring will also dramatically improve the look of your kitchen.

Atlanta-Kitchen-Remodel-253x300One design trend to consider, according to Style At Home.com, is a slab backsplash. Through incorporating natural materials such as marble and limestone, the slab backsplash will serve as an art focal point behind any sink or range top.

Remodel Your Master Bath

You’ve had a long day, you’re tired, and a trip to the spa just isn’t feasible. Imagine if you could recreate the spa experience in your very own master bath. Adding a steam shower will allow you and your family to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of steam for a fraction of the cost of building a sauna.

Other design trends include large tiled flooring, multi-head showers, universal design, frameless shower doors, and reconfiguring your cabinets for more storage.

Give Your Home a Facelift With an Addition

Adding an addition to your existing home is beneficial as it is less expensive than purchasing a new home. Your marietta home is in one of Georgia’s top school districts so why move, when you can simply improve. Buying a larger house would mean moving farther out of town and having to cope with the city’s daunting traffic. If you have a single story ranch built in the 70’s – 80’s, an addition is the perfect way to transform your home into your true dream home.

Marietta-Home-Remodeler-300x146Below is a list of approximate ROI values based on the type of addition.

– Kitchen Addition (73%)
– 2 story addition with a family room downstairs and master suite upstairs (65%)
– Master Suite-only addition (63%)
– Sunroom Addition (49%)

Remodel Your Basement

The emergence of the media room has been beneficial to families by increasing family time with movie nights or gathering to watch a weekly show or sporting event.

 Install a high end sound system, tiered seating, and wall sconces with dimmers to get that movie theater experience without the smell of old popcorn and the guy in the front row talking on his cell phone. If that’s not your idea of seating for watching the tv, use sofas centered around a big screen with a buffet table in the middle for awesome game day snacking.

Do you have extra family members crashing frequently at your home and want your privacy back? Adding a basement in-law suite can eliminate that problem without causing a family feud.  You can also turn your basement into a separate apartment with its own kitchen and full bathroom for those long-term house guests or when the kids move back in after college. Then they get to clean their own bathrooms and do their own dishes.

Your newly renovated marietta basement will increase the value of your home, increase the livable square footage, and also bring down the time it actually takes to sell your home.  In the Atlanta area, a basement remodel will usually recoup over 70% of the job cost. So surprise your sweetie this Valentine’s day with a nice new marietta basement renovation.

 Your tried and true home deserves an update and with Quality Craftsmen, you’ll fall in love with your home all over again. Our team has 23+ years of experience and Marietta’s award winning remodeling contractor. 

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