Basement Remodeling Trends – Themed Game Rooms


Still looking for unique ideas for your marietta basement renovation that you’ve been putting off for so long? Well, no matter what you choose as the purpose for the renovation, be it a bar, extra bedroom, game room, or media room, the basement remodel will bring a great return on the investment. Once you put up walls, flooring, electricity, and HVAC, the possibilities for the room are endless.


Vintage-Theme-Game-RoomOne of the best ways to show your fun and adventurous side is a basement game room renovation. The range of themes are endless and can be as simple as an homage to a favorite sports team to an entire room dedicated to Star Wars memorabilia.  Your basement is your opportunity to geek-out about something you or your family are passionate about.

Whether you call it retro, vintage, or collectible, cherished themes from childhood are no longer taboo. Proudly display grandpa’s model train set around your Ms. PacMan and Galaga classic arcade machines. If it’s more of a place aimed at your kids and teens, throw in the big screen with all of the latest gaming systems and ample seating. Game rooms don’t have to be limited to billiards tables, foosball, and air hockey any more- now it’s not uncommon to install a miniature basketball court, bowling alley, or a video golf driving range in a basement renovation.


The muted and neutral tones of the rest of the house don’t apply to the basement. The Coca-cola red on the walls works just fine. Did you cover the walls of your bedroom with your record albums in the 70s? Do it again, but this time add a state of the art sound system to pump that “racket” in high quality stereo throughout the basement. You’ll finally have a place to put that couch made out of the back end of  a ‘57 BelAir that’s been sitting in storage since you were in college.

Whether your passion is for big game hunting, classic cars, superheroes, or sports, your basement renovation is your opportunity to let your hair down and have a little fun without the worry of how well the theme melds with the rest of the house. Enjoy it.

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