Home Addition Project Checklist


Quality-Craftsmen-Sunroom-Addition--300x225Taking on a home addition is no DIY project.  A home addition requires building permits and industry expertise to ensure the structural integrity of your home is not compromised. Below is a checklist to go through when considering your Atlanta Home Addition.

1. Consider the problem you are trying to solve: Instead of saying, “I need a bigger kitchen”, say “I need a kitchen big enough for three people to cook simultaneously.”

2.  Set your budget, then add 10-15%: Additions can be complex and it’s important to know your costs before you get started.  Planning ahead for architect fees and permitting will allow you to have your addition on time and on budget.

3. Select a Quality Contractor:

According to CNN Money, the 4 criteria for a good contractor are :

* A good reputation in the industry. Other contractors know his work, and it’s not because he’s infamous for bad jobs.

* The business card has a local address. A good contractor with an address in your community  is more likely to stick around and get the job done than one that hides his address with a P.O. box number.

*  The contractor has a list of references a mile long. Even the bad contractors have done a few good jobs. They can always have you call their family members playing the role of happy customer. The more references a contractor can provide in your community, the more evidence of good work is available to you.

* The contractor has a Quality website– if the contractor you’re considering doesn’t have a website….move on to a contractor that showcases their work online.

4. Have your questions ready: Be sure to clearly define what you want out of the project and what you expect to accomplish with the finished product.

5. Consider the season as timetables are estimates: Sometimes suppliers have a hold up, larger problems can be discovered during demolition or repair, your city or county permits office may be slow, or weather can cause a delay in your project. It takes time for great quality with no corners cut.

Quality Craftsmen has 23+ years of experience building home additions for Atlanta, East Cobb, Alpharetta, Vinings, Johns Creek, and Roswell. Save yourself the headache and contact Zett to discuss your future home addition project. With Quality Craftsmen, you’ll fall in love with your home all over again.

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