“Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat the fruit of them” Jeremiah 29:5

Portfolio Category: Exteriors

Exterior Deck

In this project, we encountered a dangerous deck that was built directly over a slab that lacked the proper footers for support. We installed new code stringent footers, built a new deck and made structural improvements to the porch to transform the potential hazard into a safe and beautiful area for the family to enjoy.…
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Marietta Front Portico Addition

Installing a hanging structure such as portico cover to the front of this home was tricky. Correct framing was critical to ensure structural integrity. The resulting portico over the front door of this home with a standing seam metal roof added character and protection to the front entry. Back to Full Gallery
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Master Bath / Front Porch Makeover

The front porch of this home was completely rebuilt having suffered from previous wood rot and other structural issues. In the master bathroom, we needed to reposition the shower, the toilet and the bathtub, but we were bound by the constraints of the space which included a long, narrow area for the shower and a…
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Exterior Front Porch

This was a fantastic transformation to the curb appeal of the home’s front exterior – from tired and unattractive to warm and inviting. The improvements were not merely cosmetic; we encountered water damage that required repair and renovation of hardscaping as well as finding that the exterior chimney was detached and separated from the home.…
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