“Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat the fruit of them” Jeremiah 29:5

Master Bath / Front Porch Makeover

  • Front-Porch-1
  • Front-Porch-2
  • Front-Porch-3
  • Front-Porch-4
  • Master-Bath-1
  • Master-Bath-3
  • Master-Bath-4
  • Master-Chandelier
  • Master-Closet
  • Master-Shower-1
  • Master-Shower-3
  • Master-Shower-4
  • Master-Shower-5
  • Master-Tub
  • Mater-Bath-2
  • Sink-Detail-2
  • Tile-Detail-1
  • Tile-Detail-2
  • Vent-Detail
  • feature_bath

The front porch of this home was completely rebuilt having suffered from previous wood rot and other structural issues. In the master bathroom, we needed to reposition the shower, the toilet and the bathtub, but we were bound by the constraints of the space which included a long, narrow area for the shower and a sloped ceiling over the shower area. The cocoa marble vanity counter and dark custom cabinets are countered by the cream colored soap stone vessel sinks and hand chipped stone tile for a sophisticated, updated appearance.

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