“Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat the fruit of them” Jeremiah 29:5

Marietta Whole Home Renovation

  • Breakfast-Room-(2)
  • Dining-Room-(1)
  • Dining-Room-(2)
  • Family-Room-(1)
  • Family-Room-(2)
  • Family-Room-(3)
  • Family-Room-(4)
  • Foyer-(1)
  • Foyer-(2)
  • Foyer-(3)
  • Kitchen-(1)
  • Kitchen-(2)
  • Kitchen-(3)
  • Kitchen-(4)
  • Kitchen-(5)
  • Master-Bath-(1)
  • Master-Bath-(2)
  • Master-Bath-(3)
  • Master-Bath-(5)
  • Master-Bath-(7)
  • Master-Bath-(10)
  • Master-Bath-(12)
  • Master-Bath-(13)
  • Master-Bath-(14)
  • Master-Bedroom-(1)
  • Master-Bedroom-(2)
  • Master-Bedroom-(3)

This Marietta home's 1970's shell retained many dated features that the homeowner was unhappy with: lowered 7' ceilings, sunken dining room and living room space, old cabinets, closed sight-lines, a dangerous step-up shower and poor roofing, just to name a few issues!

The pictures on this project now show a bright, updated home that addressed all of these challenges and more. The roof and chimney flashing issues were repaired, interior ceilings were raised to 10’, all floors were raised and levelled, cedar support beams in the foyer were wrapped for a renewed appearance, crown molding was installed throughout the home and the entire home was repainted to look fresh, and updated. In the bathroom, the threshold and steps to the shower were eliminated to appeal to a more universal design and in the master bedroom, the fireplace was completely re-tiled.

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