“Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat the fruit of them” Jeremiah 29:5

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What Cabinet Style is Right for Your Kitchen Remodel?

Installing new cabinets in your kitchen may give it the facelift that it needs. As soon as you begin to shop for these cabinets, you will quickly learn that there are many different options on the market. There are various sizes, colors, wood types and styles available, which can easily overwhelm you. If you are looking…
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Room Ideas for Finishing Your Basement

Once you've decided to finish your basement, the next step is deciding how you would like to transform that space. There are a multitude of design possibilities, and the prospect of adding valuable space to your home is exciting. Before diving in and making plans, it is important to take the time to consider the available…
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Benefits of Remodeling Your Basement

When house hunting, many people favor homes with unfinished basements. These areas offer the potential to transform the space into a room that can suit a variety of needs. Homeowners envision finishing their basements to create a room for entertainment, recreation or even as a guest suite. What often ends up happening, however, is that…
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How To Use Your 2017 Tax Refund For Home Improvements

You can spend your income tax refund on pretty much anything you like, but investing it back into your home in the form of the right renovations is the best use of the money. Improving your living space gives you immediate satisfaction and pays off in the long-run by making your home more valuable when…
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