“Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat the fruit of them” Jeremiah 29:5

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How To Protect Your Deck From Nature

Warm weather just begs people to come outside and enjoy some fresh air and a little bit of sunshine. A deck adds serious value to your home (and personal enjoyment) by offering 80% ROI during resale. As a homeowner, you know you need to take care to keep your investments in prime shape. With that…
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Four Common Mistakes When Upgrading Your Kitchen

Upgrading or remodeling your kitchen is an exciting home improvement project and one that can make a world of difference regarding functionality and enjoyment of the new space. However, there are several common mistakes that homeowners make when tackling this type of project. The team at Quality Craftsmen would like to offer the following tips…
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Home Office Design Trends to Implement for Increased Productivity

Working from home offers numerous benefits, as well as certain drawbacks. For those who are also caring for children while working from home, having a functional workspace is critical to success. The following tips are offered by Quality Craftsmen to help design and create the perfect (and productive) home office. (more…)
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Reasons to Build Your Deck in Winter

20 Decks provide a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors while being able to relax. If you’ve been considering adding a deck to your home, you don’t have to wait until spring or summer to do so. While having a deck built might seem like a warm weather project, there are several good reasons to…
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