“Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat the fruit of them” Jeremiah 29:5


Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

  If the last time your kitchen was remodeled was the 1980s, you’ll have noticed that the kitchen decorating trends have changed a bit. Before, a kitchen decor fad would last a couple of years, or a decade at most, but nowadays your kitchen renovation and upgrades are set to be timeless. Sure,  lemon yellow…
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A Kitchen Designed For All Ages

Universal Design is a new trend in kitchen design and remodeling that makes the kitchen and all of its components functional to all members of the household regardless of their size, age, or ability. This kind of remodel could be a huge selling point for your marietta house later on down the road. While some…
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Should You Remodel or Move?

When you feel dissatisfied with your home, whether you’ve outgrown it or grown tired of it, you are faced with the decision, “Do I remodel or move?” There are so many factors that come into play when you find yourself in this situation-the most influential being money. On paper, it may seem like it’s cheaper…
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Basement Remodeling Trends – Themed Game Rooms

Still looking for unique ideas for your marietta basement renovation that you’ve been putting off for so long? Well, no matter what you choose as the purpose for the renovation, be it a bar, extra bedroom, game room, or media room, the basement remodel will bring a great return on the investment. Once you put…
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