“Build houses and dwell in them; plant gardens and eat the fruit of them” Jeremiah 29:5


Take care of your pipes during the freeze!

Contemporary Living Room by San Francisco Photographers Ed Ritger Photography   Georgians tend to smile to themselves when they hear weather reports about the tundra-like conditions in the rest of the country at this time of the year. We're used to "winters" where we may wear a jacket with our flip-flops in early December, or…
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5 Remodel Projects You Can Start This Winter

Spring is usually a popular time to remodel your marietta home, however here are some key reasons to consider remodeling your home this winter. Scheduling - Don’t rule out your exterior home renovation just because it’s winter. Georgia has temperament winters so depending on the weather, your contractor may still be able to conduct an…
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5 Ways To Keep Your Family and Home Safe This Holiday

With the holidays right around the corner, several items come to mind. Fun, family time, and of course, Christmas lights! One of our favorite things to do during the holiday is to drive around and view all of the amazing homes decorated with all the beautiful lights. Here are 5 ways to ensure your home…
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Marietta’s Top Bathroom Remodeler

Quality Craftsmen was voted #180 of the top 550 home remodelers in the country. Few industry pyramids have as wide a base and narrow a top as remodeling. Census reports suggest that two-thirds of America’s roughly 650,000 remodelers are self-employed. Only 90,000 companies of any size have a payroll. And if past trends hold, no…
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